2016 Spring Bull Sale

Firday 30th September- 2pm


2017 Autumn On Property Bull Sale

Thursday 23rd February- 4pm



2016 Results

2016 Autumn On Property Bull Sale


Held Thursday 25th February

Total Clearence of 91 Bulls

Top of $21,000, Lot 72 to Elm Grove Cattle Co

To Average $8868

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Sale Report


We also offered on the 25th February


150 Banquet Blood Commercial Heifers

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150 Heifers sold to a top of $2700

To Average $2411





Banquet Angus Cattle

Welcome to Banquet Angus

Principals Stephen and Noeleen Branson are proud to present their unique Angus herd and breeding program to you as a serious option when making your next bull buying decisions.

Banquet has always pursued a type of Angus that will allow clients to make more profit more often, and in a shorter time period. This is our priority number one breeding objective.       

 Branson Family Photo

 Stephen, Noeleen, Gordon, Dianna & Hamish    

The Banquet bulls you see presented every year are the culmination of generations of select breeding, based on wonderfully successful cow families. This produces the consistency of performance commercial producers rightly expect, while also giving flexibility in breeding and marketing directions.

Simply put, “Big Bold Banquet Bulls” are more powerful, thicker, longer, stronger boned and grow quicker, while also being more docile than most other Angus cattle. They are the cattle that will give producers greater profit and processors high yielding carcases.

We invite you to assess the information we provide in order to assist your future beef cattle purchasing decisions.

Stephen & Noeleen Branson & family

Banquet Angus